Gustav Klimt "The Kiss" socks for art and Vienna lovers

Gustav Klimt "The Kiss" socks for art and Vienna lovers

Vienna is famous for many things: beautiful architecture, great museums, amazing sculptures but as well for people who were born there.

Among others: Elfriede Jelinek, Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Simgund Freud and last but not least Gustav Klimt.

Gustav Klimt, whom I mentioned above, was an outstanding painter, his works we can admire in the Belvedere museum that owns the biggest and most important collection of Klimt paintings in the world. For example, you can see "The Kiss". 

For more information visit:

But not only in the Belvedere we can see Klimt's canvas.

For example in the Leopold Museum, we can admire "Death and Life" (

In the Wien Museum, by contrast, we can the world's biggest collection of Klimt drawings. To find out more visit: 

MAK -Museum of Applied Arts owns Stoclet Frieze nine study sketches designed by Klimt between 1905-1909 (

Some of Klimt sketches discovered in the late 1990s we can also see in the Burgtheater. For more information go to:

Gustav Klimt was a marvelous artist and if you visit Vienna you must see some of his works. 

We especially adore Klimt's "The Kiss" which is why we decided to design socks which this painting. Our socks are a great souvenir from Vienna, especially for art lovers. 

We work hard to ensure that our socks are of the highest quality possible, so most of our socks are produced in Poland. As we pay close attention to the production and we use only the best materials - mostly cotton.

You can find socks with Gustav Klimt "The Kiss" here:

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